Verified Spell Casters

These spell casters are on this list because they have met all strict requirements to be considered a certified caster by the association. All spell casters licenses and paperwork has been verified. All spell casters have proven a consist 90%+ success rate by an on-field specialist from the association, assigned to evaluate effective manifestations of clients problems into solutions.

Verified spell casters are the most safe and effective choice one can make in getting help from spell casters. For more details on requirements and strict policies of the association, please visit out policy pages.


Ashra Spells
Website: Ashra Spells
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Address: 684 W Fourth St
Benson, AZ 85602-6314

Hours of Operation:
MWTFS (consultations, spell casting sessions performed)
Sunday (private psychic readings only)

Garson Jackwell
Just Magicks
1459 Cornwell Street
Ohio United States
No website provided

Hours of Operation:
M WTFS 9 am – 1 pm (consultations)
Sunday (Private observation of spell casting conjures. Book by appointment)


Stephen Byers
Spiritually Connected Sources
2878 Dominici Dr
Fremont, CA 94536-2553
No website provided

Hours of Operation:
Saturday 5 AM to 11 AM
Sunday 4 AM to 10:30 AM

Alan Milburn
8610 Wildforest Dr
Houston, TX 77088-2338
Prefers physical contact with clients

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Wednesday (Spell Casting Sessions only)
Friday - Saturday (consultations in person only)

Edwin Dyers
14 Sylvan Ave, Apt 5
Waterbury, CT 06706-1535

Hours of Operation: N/A

Sam Coates
267 E 49th St, Apt 4
San Bernardino, CA 92404-1162
Accepting United Kingdom clients only

Hours of Operation:

Joan Ryan
19 Woodlyn Ln
Bradbury, CA 91008-1131
First consultation in person

Fiona McTaggart
17860 Wexford Ter
Jamaica, NY 11432-3051
On Vacation Let

Ruth Kelly
975 Tecumseh Point Rd
Eclectic, AL 36024-3914
Not accepting clients at the moment

Hazel Blears
4834 Baker Street Ext
Ashville, NY 14710-9618

Yvett Cooper
11530 S Normandie Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90044-1250

Marilynne Robinson
1219 32nd St N
Birmingham, AL 35234-3237


Verified spell casters have been verified to hold all twenty requirements to be legalized, certified and performing of spell casting.